Welcome to Ozu

Unblemished nature, vibrant history, enchanting traditions

About Ozu

Against a backdrop of lushly forested mountains, a splendid medieval castle shines white above city streets. At its feet a broad river’s life-giving emerald waters glide silently by. Here, the rich blessings of nature inspired successive civilizations to a create a small city with a potent culture – and enticing rewards for those who live and visit here.

Once known as Ehime Prefecture’s ‘little Kyoto’, Ozu lies just around three hours from Tokyo by air and rail, and mere minutes from the serene Seto inland sea. Its breezy, Mediterranean-like climate, idyllic setting and easy-going air belie a complex and unique cultural and leisure offer, whose many layers lie waiting to captivate and indulge the traveller.

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Ozu’s attractions and experiences


Four distinct seasons paint Ozu in dramatically different colours as the year progresses. And each season reveals its own allure for the visitor.

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Food and Drink

Blessed by bounteous nature, and with generations of overlords’ refined palates to satisfy, Ozu’s kitchen wizards have developed a rich, distinctive and diverse regional cuisine with new delights for each season. 

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Once known as a ‘little Kyoto’, Ozu still wears its rich and varied history on its sleeve. From elegant merchants’ residences to serene spiritual retreats to the imposing castle, its landmarks reveal a compelling narrative.

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Ozu offers many unique ways to immerse yourself in colourful local culture. Ancient ceremonies, traditional crafts and activities set in timeless, unspoiled landscapes invite visitors to connect ever more deeply with their destination.

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A City Revitalized

Stay in beautifully renovated historic residences throughout Ozu, and help this unique city sustainably grow its vibrant culture.

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