Visitors may now plunge into the depths of Ozu's urban regeneration process

Experience in first hand Japanese machi-tsukuri

Reinventing akiyas

Akiya -or abandoned houses- are a common feature in rural Japan. As a former castle town, decaying heritage is a common sight in Ozu. The city, nonetheless, has engaged in a comprehensive project to bring new life to depleted centennial abodes.

In the past few years crumbling edifices have been -and are being- converted into shops, co-working spaces or rooms.  This is an on-going process, so you may be able to experience the upheaval of a small town in first hand! Witness craftsmen and technicians at work!

Reconnecting with locals

This venture is not only about recovering buildings. It puts Ozu’s citizens at its heart. Local NPOs laid the first spark in the project. Local young entrepreneurs are being encouraged to occupy the freshly renovated spaces. You will have the opportunity of exchanging with them, offering you a direct insight of the challenges and rewards of setting sail in this onerous adventure. 


Tours are available in English 

  - 2 to 15 PAX

  - 5 hours

  - from 55.000 JPY for 2 persons (tax and 1 meal incl.).  Every extra person 5.500 JPY


diego fernandez

Architecture and Culture Research Dep. Director | Kita Management