Iyonada Monogatari luxury train

A picturesque train ride along the Seto Inland Sea & the Hiji River

If you would like to reach Ozu in style, you should really consider boarding the “Iyonada Monogatari”, departing from JR Matsuyama Station. Two hours of magnificent views, split between a sublime horizon dotted with sculptural islets and towering slopes swaddled in green, are guaranteed. Together with carefully crafted meals (purposedly conceived by renown local chefs) and manyfold smiles, from both JR Shikoku staff and cheerful locals.  

The train advances at a leisurely pace along a vertiginous railway line, just inches away from the Seto Inland Sea. Some brief stops are scheduled, to freshen your senses and inhale the sea breeze. Shimonada Station is a railroad fan's favorite, and sunsets there are simply memorable. 

Inside the train, meals -previous reservation required- as well as selected drinks and sweets, all hailing from nearby producers, are on offer. The morning ride leaves Matsuyama station at 8:26 am and arrives in Ozu at 10:27 am. Two more rides are scheduled throughout the day (afternoon and evenings). Why not enjoy an unforgettable breakfast on the train before visiting medieval castles and sumptuous tea pavilions?

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Ozu City

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