October brings along 'sebari'!

Traditional fall fishing-method @ Hiji River

During summer months the old tradition stipulates that cormorants will be seizing ayu -sweet fish- in the Hiji River. The latter growing significantly bigger by late September, it is then time to switch fishing methods. Bamboo sticks are, thus, clobbered at regular intervals in the water stream and bound with traditional fishing nets awaiting for mature (and tastier) sweetfish. This fishing style, distinct to the Hiji River, is called sebari 瀬張り -'division of shallows'-.

Fish swimming downstream are disoriented by the bamboo barricade and end up trapped in the nets. This time-honored practice is very popular locally and congregates many enthusiasts along the river shores on autumn evenings. Pursued until mid-December.

Local restaurants take advantage of the freshness of produce to showcase these local delicacies in their menus. Charcoal grilled or fried in a very thin and crispy layer of tempura are the most common ways to enjoy the fish. Goes down very well with local rice wine or simply a warm cup pf green tea.



diego fernandez

Architecture and Culture Research Dep. Director | Kita Management