Picturesque ferry boat rides along the Hiji River

Ozu, a 400 years-old castle town, crisscrossed by a stubbornly winding river. With no easy access through (wood) land, locals depended on the Hiji watercourse to connect with the world. Sail boats and barges permeated the indigenous landscape of Ozu 100 years ago. At the time, absence of bridges implied that all connections between shores were assured by ferry boats. 


Reminiscent of such golden era, a regular boat service linking major local landmarks (castles, tea houses or former bank offices) has seen the light in summer 2022. A ride along the Hiji riverbanks enables to grasp new perspectives of the medieval town and its surrounding environment. 


Morning mist during winter, a myriad of green tones or a cascade of ochres on the slopes in early spring or late in autumn. Local nature is best enjoyed from the water surface. The boat cruise offers an exceptional way of becoming acquainted with Ozu’s history and environment. 


diego fernandez

Architecture and Culture Research Dep. Director | Kita Management