Winter in Ozu: cloudy mornings on clear days

Cold months in Ozu see reinvigorating weather anomalies!

The historic district of Ozu occupies one of the very few plateaux of the Hiji River basin. High mountains surround the watercourse. To say that geography is unique here is not an overstatement.

Late October tends to bring in chilly dawns to Ozu, which is certainly gratifying after its sweltering long summers. Nonetheless, afternoons are still warm at that time of the year. A stark contrast in temperature, combined with the mountainous nature of the region, create adequate conditions for stratus-clouds’ formations. 

For six months, until late March, clear mornings in the vicinity of Ozu castle are submerged in drizzle and fog. 300 meters higher, the sight of the sunrise is glorious.    

Several high grounds around the historic centre provide uplifting viewing points, but locals tend to privilege the Takayama slopes, a short 10 min bicycle ride to the west of the castle. Mind you, this ride is not a flat one!! 


diego fernandez

Architecture and Culture Research Dep. Director | Kita Management