A taste of Ozu's local sake

Yoro Sake Brewery, the only sake brewery in Ozu City, Ehime

Yoro Sake Brewery, founded in 1921, is the only sake brewery in Ozu city that carries out the traditional sake-making method for nearly a hundred years. This hidden brewery is known to the true sake lovers by Ehime residents and its sake is rarely distributed around Japan. All sake brewing is done by hand, based on the idea that "sake is like a child, so I want to deliver it in the best possible condition” says Mitsuo Yamaguchi, the 3rd generation owner of the brewery.  


A regular day starts by digging up 300 kg or more of steamed rice with a shovel to cool down its temperature. Making sake by hand is physically demanding work. Therefore, only small quantities of sake can be produced at once. “Sake that brings out the original taste of rice can only be made by hand, carefully adjusted day by day visually and by human touch,” says Mitsuo. 

In 2018, the heavy rain in southwestern Japan has caused massive flooding in the area causing catastrophic damage to the brewery. Any past records and sake were all washed away, and even after six months after the disaster, restoration of the brewery continued to take place. It was very difficult for Mitsuo to look into the future at the time, but with a help of locals and friends who had helped him rebuild the brewery, his branded sake “Kaze no Sato” came back to life with a solid taste that is typical of Junmai. Kaze no Sato also is available in unfiltered “nigori” sake with a mellow flavor. 

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Charlie Kiil

Developer | Mogul